Opening Hours
Monday to Friday: 8.00am - 5.30pm
Saturday: 8.00am - 4.00pm
Sunday: 10.00am - 3.00pm    

Self Storage for Cannock, Staffordshire

Rugeley Self Storage is a self storage unit based near Cannock and provides the made to measure solution to all your self storage needs for Cannock.

All manner of storage requirements can be accommodated, from a few household items to the entire contents of a home.

State of the art CCTV technology, coupled with on site personnel ensure that our premises and ultimately your goods are thoroughly protected from any outside threat.

All storage have humidity control to protect against the risk of environmental damage, ensuring that the condition of any items stored is never compromised.

Staff are available on site to help with all manner of queries and offer advice on your storage needs.

For more information or to discuss your storage needs please contact us.

Key storage features:

  • Self Storage near Cannock
  • Access your storage at any time during our opening hours with your own key to the unit
  • Humidity control on all units
  • Under cover loading bays
  • Free use of trolleys
  • Materials for packaging available on site (bubble wrap, boxes, etc)
  • Indoor, clean and dry storage units in a wide range of sizes
  • High tech security system, including individual room alarms, CCTV and site intruder alarms
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Home Storage Uses

Here are just some of the reasons to use home storage:

House renovation / decoration
Prevent your furniture being damaged during home improvements by storing them away from your home.

Selling your home
Clear your home of clutter by storing furniture or other non-vital household items within our storage units. All the experts will tell you this is a key part of making your home more spacious and attractive to potential buyers.

Moving house
Always a stressful and volatile time, where hold ups and broken chains are unfortunately commonplace. No need to worry. We can, at very short notice, take good care of all household goods and other domestic storage for as long as it takes to iron out these problems.

You may move to a smaller house for whatever reason but still have all your contents to store. We can provide cost effective storage, while you decide what to do with your extra contents.

Garage overloaded with clutter
Free the garage up by shifting the clutter away from your home and into storage.

Furniture inheritance
If you receive possessions as inheritance that you cannot accommodate in your own home, use our storage until you decide what you wish to do with them.

Long term travelling
If you are off travelling for an extended period of time you may need somewhere to store the things that are not making the journey with you.

Shipment receiving / sending and text / call notification
If you need to receive or send a parcel we will do so on your behalf. Please contact us for more details.